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Surf Photography

Surf Photography

Surf photos and video. It leads the surf culture based on the media. We intermediaries and surf photographers and surfers, and operating the photo agency for protecting the rights and activities of the Surf Photographer. Become a crew with us.

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Surfing could be a big part of life for some, an extreme sport for others, or a rare romantic moment for few. We have our own different ways to appreciate surfing, but we could all agree on the want to let ourselves free, on the raw energy of sea, away from the gravity of life for the moment.

Surfergraphy will collect memories. The thrill of riding the first wave, the gasp when caught in the roaring wave, the fear of facing death, the awe towards the nature, we would like to capture all these precious moments.

Surfergraphy is the archive of your memories and mine, and will become the shared history of us. To remember the very beginning when the wave and a board were enough to excite us like kids, Surfergraphy will be the cherishable history of surfing.

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Surfing Culture & Media.
Surfergraphy, a compound of surfer and -graphy, means to picture surfers. We focused on ‘surfer’ instead of ‘surfing’ or ‘surf’ because Surfergraphy aims to be a magazine telling the stories of the people, rather than the experience itself.
Those who understand surfing would know that anybody can surf, while not all of them can be called surfers. Mere skills or experience are not enough to make you a real surfer. Surfergraphy pursues to be a documentary seeking the real meaning of surfers throughout the time.
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We are recruiting photographers.

We are recruiting photographers.

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